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This is a funkalicious fan page full of basketball love. This funky page is not endorsed by any thundering freak of official funkitude. We, the funkalicous groove brothers and sisters of basketball love, make no claims and do not  intend to express any opinion other than our own funkified appreciation of the game and all that encompasses it in its galactic global one-ness. This is a fan page, for freaky basketball fun. We do not profit from anything other than the feeling of global basketball love from the community of fans who like basketball and happen to be out there in the ever growing freakified vastness of cyberspace.  Funk on!    -inspired by George Clinton, Funkadelic, Parliament, Bootsy, the word "Chocolate Thunder Dunk", Darrel Dawkins, Dr. J, World B. Free, the NBA, the ABA, afros, red white and blue basketballs, the finger roll, the sky hook, anything '70's and all that is funky.

so without further ado...

HoustonRocketsFan presents...

Funky disco ball
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