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CB has been fined 20G for dissin' referee Mike Mathis.
see Fines and Suspensions for more info

hmmm, will I retire?
Barkley has announced his retirement and this time he means it, or so he says. Check out stories from:
Houston Chronicle

Rocket Photo
of the Past few Weeks

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Sports Scores:

  Disaster at Sea
Rockets Sink Clippers!

Rockets spanked the LA Ships with a 109-96 victory! The Rockets showed how young legs could run. CB kept up with the young stallions and we looked pretty damn good. It was a total team effort and glimpse of good things to come.  Dream, Stevie and Massenburg all sat out in some form of recuperation. 

Shandon Anderson had a career high 27 points!! He also had 6 rebounds and 6 assists. Other highlights for our team, CB with 12 pts, 10 rbs and 7 asts, Tino Mobley and Drew both had 15 pts, Cato with 14 and Thomas with 10.

Cato with two of his 23 points! 

Double OT - No win!
 Rockets lose to Phoe-necks, 128-122

The Rockets fizzled in double OT and lost to the Bums in Phoe-necks.  Rockets played a good solid 3 quarters of ball, but could not win it in double overtime!  Missed free throws and lack of rebounding were crucial.

The Saint, Stevie Francis had 24 points 10 assists and 7 rebrbounds. He also left with seconds left in the fourth quarter with a sprained ankle. His condition is unsure as of now. Cato had a career high, 23 points, Bark had 22. 

Here come the fines: In a post game interview CB blamed the refs, saying that Zebra Mike Mathis "cost us the game." The officiating was horrible with one call being overturned and many that were controversial .


francis punks the griz
Francis and the Rocks get past the Bear Cubs for an OT victory!

Rockets tame the bears in OT!!
Rockets pull it out and win in OT, 118-110

The Rockets now have 4 wins racked up with their latest overtime victory in Canada over the Vancouver Bear Cubs...

The Rockets struggled early on with Vancouver but outplayed the team from Canada in the 3rd and 4th, ending regulation knotted up 100 a piece. OT saw some big shots for our team which helped us with this win. 

Highlights for the Rocks were The Saint, who fouled out during overtime but left with 19 points, 10 assists and 9 rebounds. Bark with 22 points and 7 rebounds. Cato with 13 points and 10 rebounds. Mobley with 17 points, Bull and Drew both with 11.


Quick passes from
around the NBA
  • Dream out for a 6+ weeks with a hernia

  • Kobe scores 19 in his return for the Fakers.

  • Iverson breaks thumb out for 3-6 weeks

  • Thug life. NBA investigating Sprewell. 


Fine$ and $uspensions

$20,000 for dissin' a zebra!  CB was fined 20G's for dissin' referee Mike Mathis.  Barkley expressed in his own unique way that Mathis was to blame for the Rockets loss against the Phoenix Bums. CB also threw in a few obscenities for good measure. 

The $15,000 fight!
In our November 10 game against the Fakers we saw the second quarter ejection of "Bark-Lee" and "Shaq-Fu" in a loss that put us at 0-5.  Both players were suspended one game without pay, Shaq was fined $10,000,  Bark, $5,000.

$5000 rookie mistake! Fisticuffs erupted In a game agains the Mavs. "There's nothing to say about what happened," Francis said following the game. "I have no comment on what happened." ch-ching...5 grand please!

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